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Alphabet Agencies

The world of transit is one full of acronyms.  Sometimes I feel like when I’m talking to people I never make any sense because I hardly use real words.  This page is designed to help you crack the code of all the agency acronyms that you’ll read about on the blog.

MARTA – Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.  Train, bus and paratransit service in the city of Atlanta, Dekalb and Fulton counties, funded by a one cent sales tax, and our namesake, obviously.

CCT – Cobb Community Transit.  Local bus, express bus, and paratransit service in Cobb County, and CCTgirl’s namesake.  When she started blogging, she was living in Smyrna and commuting into the city via CCT.  You can read more about adventures on CCT here.

GRTA – Georgia Regional Transportation Authority.  State-funded express bus service from the suburbs to Atlanta including Cobb, Gwinnett, and Clayton counties.

CTran – Clayton Transit, a now defunct transit service that served Clayton County.

GCT – Gwinnett County Transit.  Local bus, express bus, and paratransit service to Gwinnett County, a suburb of Atlanta.  Our articles on GCT can be read here.

CATS – Cheerokee Area Transportation System. Local bus, express bus, and paratransit service in Cheerokee County. They also have a stellar website.

ARC – Atlanta Regional Commission.  The regional governing body which helps to plan transit in the area.

GDOT – Georgia Department of Trucks. It is trucks, right? Tankers? For all the gas we need because of our traffic problem?

GTA – Georgia Transit Association. Professional association for all transit systems in Georgia.

SRTA – State Road and Tollway Authority. These are the folks who collect the tolls on 400 and who are planning to build HOT lanes in the metro Atlanta region, because taking out the two-passenger HOV lanes will ease our traffic woes.

MTA – Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  Several areas use the acronym MTA, like LA and Maryland, but when we use it, we’re referring to the subway in NYC, the largest transit system in the nation.  Want to read more?  Check out here or go over there.

CTA – Chicago Transit Authority. The system in Chicago, obviously, and That’s MARTA’s first transit love.

BART – Bay Area Rapid Transit. Heavy rail service in the San Fransisco Bay area. A little known historical fact is that it was once known as BARTA.  BART pairs with Muni to serve the area

WMATA – Washington Metropolitian Area Transit Authority. Otherwise known as Metro, the transit system in Washington DC and NOVA. Also, CCTgirl’s favorite system to make fun of, mainly because of her distaste for all things NOVA.

DART – Dallas Area Rapid Transit. Transit in Dallas, Texas, if you you couldn’t figure that one out.

APTA – American Public Transportation Association. Apparently we’ll just call this one self explanatory.

Want more? Check out the FTA’s List!

(Also, Alphabet Agencies is the name of a couple bands. But they haven’t done anything in like, years. And some of them suck.)

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