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General Malarkey

February 7, 2017

Upon the major disappointment of this past Super Bowl, we also witnessed what seems like a trap.


Before the kickoff of another disappointing L to add to the wall of shame for this city, the world was treated to a progressive-natured ad from Ford promoting their ridesharing, bikesharing, autonomous vehicles, etc. over a Nina Simone track, which is even more offensive, but another day…

I couldn’t help but look right though this and call utter fail on their part especially since General Motors was the main culprit behind dismantling the American rideshare experience in the early to mid-20th Century. Why do they want in to ridesharing now and under what pretenses? I don’t buy it. I won’t buy it. Use what’s left of your declining profits to fund the existing transit systems and stop shuffling it to Chariot and these alternatives that are clearly trying to profit off of the baby boomers who can’t get weaned off of the steering wheel.

I have also had the side-eye for the Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft, in their irresponsibility to fully support the transit systems they “claim” to have partnerships with.  After the failure of the Lyft Fixed Routes in cities like Miami and Toronto, Uber’s annoying anti-transit ads, and both companies’ driver’s refusal to attempt Pool and Line options, I see their false support of transit as nothing but profiting off of novice transit user’s disapproval of the current state of transit today.

These disruptions in the transportation industry should not promote themselves of being better than public transit.  You still have to get in a car, in the same congestion as everyone else, and pay even more than if you were to do otherwise.  Support what was here first and find where you fit into that equation.


P.S. Tell Elon Musk to stop digging up Los Angeles. It’s becoming sad, now.

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