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Corn on the Cobb County

June 15, 2015

fake dimassomo

So does Cobb County want to just secede from this union known as Metro Atlanta?  I don’t know. Their actions about transportation lately speaks so many volumes that put them on the same level as another over-superficial suburban county. (cough…Fayette)

  • The commissioners passed a $5.3 billion comprehensive plan for transportation which included the “possibility” of bus rapid transit.  Fine.
  • Benita Dodd from Marietta has soooooo much to say about the Atlanta Streetcar like she spent her whole lottery winnings on its construction. Whatever.
  • Old Man STATE REP. Earl Ehrhart still lives in 1971 in that he doesn’t believe that MARTA manages their system correctly. Big Whoop.
  • Tim Lee doesn’t believe in a world where more MARTA service than the Number 12 and the Six Flags shuttle would exist in Cobb County. Do you, sir.

These actions cover a huge overarching theme: Cobb County doesn’t really want to be apart of this region.

It’s easy to create your own newspaper and your own transit system and your own Department of Transportation, but Cobb County leaders, in these instances, are acting like the kid at daycare who has a sharing problem.  They can deny that they are not like the City of Atlanta or Decatur or anywhere else where people have common sense all they want to, but what they cannot erase is their location smack dab in the center of the region. I mean, Vinings has an Atlanta zip code for Christ sake, and so will this new stadium! #bravesocalpse

Here’s what I see for the Cobb County Commissioners for the rest of this year.  They will table the BRT project (yet again) and make an excuse like, “We wanted to devote our funding towards more research for a teleportation system from your location to the SunTrust Park. This way, we keep your taxes low”. They will keep looking for ways to prove that premium transit will not work for them.

I have had the displeasure of traveling to Cobb for the fifth time this month via transit, and it took me one hour and 40 minutes EACH WAY to get from Midtown to Cumberland, and even after that, I had to bike to get where I needed to go. That is ridiculous. Cumberland is the largest business district in the metro without premium transit access. Town Center is getting there. Not everyone who works or shops there reside in Cobb. When these Commissioners start to realize that there are other people on this earth than Corn Cobbs, East Cobbers, or whatever they refer to themselves, maybe they can join into this regional transportation conversation. But this regional transportation network will continue to deteriorate with places like Cobb County’s administration’s denial that commuters from the outside come to Cobb.

I don’t know.  But bashing the streetcar won’t do you any good, miss, because we got our matching funds and the infill development is coming. I need for everyone who has nothing to do with this vehicle to not talk about the vehicle because you’re doing nothing but showing off your sheer ignorance on something that you obviously have no stake in.

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  1. Coolyfett permalink
    June 21, 2015 8:52 pm

    Yea, I live out here in Cobb. Its really annoying how disconnected they are from the rest of the metro. Cobb hurts the Atlanta metro….Atlanta could be much better, then you have Cobb.

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