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What’s In a Rename

April 15, 2015


We have just about as many streets with new names as we do streets with “Peachtree” in them. Why rename?

For the same reason that just yesterday, a certain festival that is held every year in Downtown Atlanta got an earful from residents of the Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association over the confusion of the Civic Center and the Civic Center MARTA station.  Now, in all fairness, it is easy to confuse the two because: 1. Neither are next to each other. 2. One is used daily and the other isn’t (Give you a quick second to guess which), and 3. The (actual Civic Center) goes by ANOTHER NAME- The Boisfeuillet Jones Civic Center. Why not just call it that? Or the generic name itself? I don’t know. Philadelphia renamed one of its SEPTA stations in an agreement for revenue and cellular service for five years. But the gag is…There’s nothing in the vicinity of the station relating to AT&T, which the station’s named after. Well, I guess if those checks come in for improvements, MARTA could rename North Avenue to AT&T, but since we have so many AT&T offices near MARTA staions, that couldn’t fly.


So, if you haven’t heard, Council member C.T. Martin has proposed an ordinance to rename the southern portion of Spring Street (from Whitehall Street near I-20 to West Peachtree near the connector) to Ted Turner Drive. Once again, here’s yet another street rename. Once again, here’s another street with nothing to do with the honoree. I agree the man should be honored. He invested in Atlanta when no one else would and we are now a communications hub, so to speak. But WHYYYY do we always have to honor people by naming a street after them??!!! He has a stadium, and with that said, if he really wanted to keep THAT honor, he would’ve said something to the Cobb Crooks or whatever that team will be named. Atlanta shouldn’t be in the name anymore. Besides the point. We have to stop this vicious cycle of renaming streets. They are confusing to not only the tourists and visitors, but the ITP visitors (yeah you, suburbanites), the parcelowners along Spring who now have to spend money on stationery, business cards, building placards, and I bet dealing with the USPS would be a hassle.

Either way, if you want to gripe against it, the public hearing will be Thursday, April 28th @ 9:30 AM at City Hall. Let’s end this cycle of renaming streets just because we have very important people here, and find alternate ways to honor people. We’re now Hollywood South, but that doesn’t mean Tyler Perry will have a street named after him now. Hopefully, I’m not speaking too soon…

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