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Dear Cinncinati

December 3, 2013

In case you were wondering, we’re all watching you. People in Atlanta were watching the live feed of your public hearing yesterday and the whole nation is on the edge of their seats watching the train wreck that is happening before our eyes. But for me, it’s not about failure of transit progress, or the unbelievable embarrassment of Cincy for what would be two failed partially built rail systems, but how the newly electeds are following the current trend of politics and showing a blatant disregard for the will of the people.

In the past few years, Cincy has passed not one, but two referendums in support of the streetcar (2009 & 2011). In a failure of realizing the stakes, streetcar supporters didn’t turn out for November’s mayoral election due to a slate of lackluster candidates, allowing an anti-streetcar candidate to take the ballot with less votes than those passing referendums received. At what point does the will of the people of a city stop mattering?

To be fair, Atlanta has been doing the same thing with yesterday’s passing of a community benefit agreement for the Falcon stadium that the community wasn’t thrilled with and we all know how the city and region feels about the Braves move. And let’s not forget the Senate’s temper tantrum a few months ago as well, shutting down the government because they didn’t agree with something that previous Congresses had already passed. What gives?

Put on your big boy pants, Cincinnati. The turn out yesterday shows that your city wants this streetcar. The rails are in the roads, the maintenance facility under construction, and you just look like toddlers in the throws of some really terrible twos. It doesn’t matter what you want, it’s what the city wants. Your last mayor was legendary; he didn’t take himself seriously, he got down and dirty and hung out in bars with constituents. Follow suit, Cranley.

(PS – while typing that I noticed one slight typo makes the mayor Crankey. In fact, spellcheck recognizes that as the correct spelling. Maybe that’s the reason he’s behaving like this…..)

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