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Boston you are the Only, Only, Only.

August 1, 2013

Sorry for the delay, I have been quite busy. I just returned from RAGBRAI (the bicycle ride across Iowa) and I have some great stories from that trip to share. However first things first, it’s time for me to tell you about my visit in bean town. South station was perhaps the most efficient, clean, and overall nice station along my trip. All of tracks where parallel terminal tracks, ending right at the back door of the terminal building. Right inside the terminal building was the entrance to the MBTA Red (HRT) and Silver (BRT) line, making for a quick and easy connection. The taxi stand and kiss and ride where located right outside the station on the left and right sides respectively.  There were a large collection of bike racks right on the platforms.

The bus station was located above the platforms and was perhaps the nicest bus station I have ever seen. There was a food court right at the entrance, within the food court where the ticket booths including a megabus ticket booth!! The bus station loading area was set up like an airport with waiting areas and gates leading to the boarding area. There are airport style departure/arrival boards that provide gate and timing information on the busses. The bus station is serviced by greyhound, megabus, and Boston commuter busses and is easily accessible to the main train station.

The station is located right on the sight of the big dig. The big dig project was when Boston buried their major downtown highway, creating a linear park on top that reconnected downtown with south station and opened up the North End. It is basically what I wish we could do with the downtown connecter, however the big dig, while incredibly beneficial, was infamous for delays and cost overruns, so we likely won’t be seeing a similar Atlanta project in the near future.

Boston is also home to a fantastic bicycle sharing program called Hubway. The stations were convenient, affordable, and easy to use. Most T stations had a Hubway station close by. Bicycle share programs are one the best last mile connectivity solution.

Overall Boston was easy to get around (the T rocked), was beautiful, had a strong community, and perhaps the best Central transit hub in the United States.

Overall I give Boston an A


Front Entrance

Platforms (With bus station visible in background)

Bus Station 

Bike Share

T entrance at South Station


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