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Dashing the Pump

June 17, 2013


Who says you won’t find any interesting things on MARTA?  

Saturday, I participated in MARTA and Scavenger Hunt Atlanta’s Dump the Pump DASH, which was a scavenger hunt done using MARTA trains and buses.  There were over 40 teams who participated ranging from familes of 8 to commuters and students of 4.  All of the teams dashed up and down the MARTA lines to decipher clues, do outrageous tasks (such as get a picture of you getting arrested in a cop car), and collect random items to gain points.  The teams with the most points at the end (in this case, 8 PM) would win a grand prize of an Apple iPad Mini for every member of the winning team. My homemade team of previous scavenger hunt winners and walk-ons took third prize, earning us a battery and solar powered charger.  Not bad for MARTA, eh?  

Overall the event was great.  MARTA could have been a little more expeditious in running the event seeing as it was only supposed to run from noon to 4 but tallying results kept some teams there until 8 PM. (Not a great promotional tool).  Trains ran every 24 minutes (even though Primerica had an event at the Dome, Hot 107.9 had Birthday Bash and a Block Party at Centennial and there was a Braves Game), which didn’t really work in the teams’ favor, and food was sparse coming down to Fritos and water.  Was it worth it and would you participate next year?  I certainly will.  You should too.


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