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A Transit Love Affair

June 10, 2013

Image So Wednesday, I convinced my friend (who just got a job at Emory) to run back to his hometown to get his birth certificate because apparently a driver’s license to prove he’s a human being just won’t do. Ironically, it involved us traveling north on the 15-lane stretch into Cobb County. In the rain. At rush hour. Tragic.  All of a sudden, a radio ad comes on for Georgia Commute Options who is currently promoting “Dump The Pump” Week in Metro Atlanta.  It is basically a week where commuters can pledge to take transit (MARTA, GRTA, CCT, etc) instead of driving.  A spin off of the national Dump the Pump Day by the American Public Transit Association, Metro Atlanta TMA’s are pledging to schedule a week’s worth of events , including a MARTA Scavenger Hunt this Saturday, A webinar Wednesday, and giveaways for pledging all week.  The week will be from June 17-21, and the link to sign up for the pledge, the scavenger hunt, and the webinar will be posted below. While you’re there, check out some of the ways you can earn cash by logging your transit or other clean commute days with Georgia Commute Options.  They are doing a wonderful job on spotlighting the alternative commutes here in Metro Atlanta.  So go ahead…Cheat on your vehicle…

Dump The Pump Pledge –>

MARTA Scavenger Hunt –>

Transit in Atlanta Webinar –>


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