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Hello! My name is Joey and Here’s My Mission

May 31, 2013

IMG_0089Hello! My name is Joey and I am new here! I am so glad that CCTgirl has invited me on board, speaking of being onboard; I am currently onboard Amtrak Train 20 heading for Washington. Over the next month I will visit nine cities (Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Orleans) riding Amtrak the whole way. In each city I will observe how the primary train station handles connections to the local transit systems and other multi-modal connections such as buses, kiss and rides, and parking. I will keep YOU, the wonderful and fantastic readers of MartaROCKS, updated on my progress and findings. The whole point of my research will be to relate the passenger experience, both the good and the bad, of these stations to what we hope to accomplish with the Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal.

DISCLAIMER: I am a huge supporter of the MMPT. I experienced the need for a new station first hand today when waiting in our cramped Peachtree St. station with about, say, 150 other people all rushing to board this train. While I agree that the Atlantic Station sight is a wonderful spot for a temporary station, I feel that the Downtown location is best in the long run. Amtrak is USED in Atlanta despite only having two trains a day, connecting this service to other modes of transit such as MARTA rail, is a must. But I will leave all the MMPT talk for when I get back home, for now I need to focus on what is already in place across the country. I hope you enjoy my updates over the next month, I know I look forward to posting them. Thank you for having me!

P.S. Trains Rule. In between writing this post and publishing it I walked up to the café car. The ability to move about the vehicle and find a comfortable spot sure beats the hell out of any other form of transportation. I’m sure it does not need to be said to our audience but, we really need more of this in Atlanta, and in fact the whole southeast for that matter.

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  1. Stewart permalink
    June 2, 2013 12:39 am

    Would you by any chance give an idea of the costs of your trips also? I’d love to take Amtrak but I believe it’s cost prohibitive compared to other modes. Thanks.

    • June 2, 2013 11:05 pm

      I am using the USA Rail pass. It last 30 days and you get 12 segments. It cost me $670, very good deal but I’m taking coach the whole way, sleeper cost extra.

  2. atlurbanist permalink
    June 3, 2013 10:44 am

    Very cool project — I’m looking forward to reading more. I’ve been interested in the continual rise in Amtrak ridership and how that might push cities to redevelop areas near train stations and create better connections and rider experiences.

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