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HB 264 moves to the Senate, Paperman won an Oscar, and Abe Lincoln and Playboy think you need to move to the city and take the train.

February 25, 2013

Lincoln’s first entrance into politics in 1832 – push for rail access for Illinois residents.

From @railcation

The Senate Transportation Committee meets today at 4:00, which means that HB 264 will be heard today, along with HB 265. I know you’re tired of hearing about it, but this is the biggest thing going and has some huge implications, so this is all you’re going to hear about until some version of it passes. Hopefully a version we can live with.

The Senate has passed a 2013 budget, which means there will be funding for GRTA this year. The budget will now go to the House.

Three metro Atlanta airports could have their air traffic control facilities shut down with sequestration this week.

And in other news, has the US given up on building subways? MARTA was the last subway system built and few systems are expanding because it costs so stinking much. The last MARTA extension was North Springs, opening in 2000 and people are still looking for that heavy rail line out to Lithonia. DC’s Silver Line is coming in over $200 million a mile. Most people think subways cost $10,000 a mile or less, so they don’t grasp what an investment a subway is, and in a city like Atlanta, without an investment from the state and tax payers, you can kiss any more expansions good bye.

A drunk man fell onto the subway tracks in New York, loosing both legs but surviving. Along with etiquette campaigns, should agencies start wayside safety campaigns and teach riders what to do if they fall off the platform?

And in the fun news, Playboy says the suburbs are dead, Paperman won an Oscar, and Robert De Niro takes his photo shoot to the subway. But why is he eating a banana on the train? Ew.

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