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HB 264 moves to the senate

February 22, 2013

Yesterday Rep. Jacob’s privatization bill, HB 264, went to the House Floor, where it met some resistance, but ultimately passed 113 to 57. You can read my tweets over at my Storify. There are a couple of stories that have been published about this, from the Atlantic Business Chronicle and WABE.

There still remains the question of HB 264 violating federal laws protecting the collective bargaining rights of the union employees at MARTA, jeapordizing the $70 million in federal funding that MARTA receives, a fifth of its annual budget. An article in the AJC cites GSU professor, Phillip LaPorte, a labor arbitrator, that “the Georgia General Assembly mandating that a defined benefit pension plan be eliminated and replaced by a 401(k) plan would be viewed as violating workers’ collective bargaining rights and place MARTA in jeopardy of losing federal transit funds.”

On the flip side, Sen. Vincent Fort has submitted a bill in the senate which would amend the excise tax on rental cars to add public transit as an authorized purpose of the proceeds. I haven’t heard if this bill has much of a shot, but we can have hope.

And now for the news!

A Brooklyn woman lost her three carat engagement ring on the subway. A nice old lady found it and turned it in to lost and found.

A map of the US, based off of Craigslist Missed Connections, labels Georgia the state of “The Car.” Go figure.

A report from the Center for Transit-Oriented Development finds that very low-income families spend as much as 55% of their earnings on transportation and that transportation has a racial dimension.

Heart attack patients are more likely to die in the years following their hospitalization if they live in an area of high pollution.

Have a good day!

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