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HB 264 moves forward & a MARTA scavenger hunt

February 21, 2013

HBs 264 & 265 go to the House floor this morning. I don’t expect much push back, unfortunately, but we can hope for an amendment. The best chance we have is to see the privatization section amended to allow MARTA to bid itself; often times, an agency can be cheaper than the private guys, and Keith Parker is known for his agency successfully bidding itself.


Four out of five car and bike accidents are caused by the driver.

Atlanta is a city divided by class. Who would have thought?

From Transportation for America: If Congress can’t come to a deal to avoid automatic budget cuts March 1, some transportation programs will take a serious hit, while others will be protected. Here’s a rule of thumb: The more innovative and popular with local communities they are, the more likely they are to feel the blow.

The MARTA Mad Dash is March 23. I don’t know what this is, but I am excited.

Photo courtesy of Tweeter @RoBs3Rd

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