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More news on HB 264. Like you didn’t expect it.

February 18, 2013

Let’s just face it, everything for the foreseeable future will be about HB 264. It’s all the rage right now. And enraging.

Let’s talk about private services for a bit. Sometimes, they can be successful. But most of the time, they are driven by the bottom dollar, which can come at the price of customer service and safety. The Cato Institute has actually linked to my blog posts about the Buford Highway jitneys, saying how successful those are, but I even have in those posts about duck taped doors and faulty air conditioning. And as many of those are owner-operated, there’s no guarantee the drivers aren’t working fifteen hours a day.

Last week a private bus device, Top Class Bus Company, was shut down by the Feds for “blatantly disregarding” safety regulations, including drivers working well beyond regulation and some critical vehicle safety issues. Safety concerns always come up in talks about privatization, and that’s why we need to ensure that HB 264 includes a provision to allows MARTA and its employees to bid on service and an out clause if they don’t get any acceptable bids or if service levels are bad. Don’t forget that MARTA had contracted out its paratransit services in the late 80s and ended up bringing those services back in house because service had gotten so bad.

In other privatization news, Sen. Vincent Fort responds to HB 264. The AP has also picked up the racial implications of HB 264.

Want more transit newsiness? Well, you’re in luck!

New bus wraps on Cobb County buses violate the board approved advertising policy, but they didn’t write the policy into the contract with the advertising agency.

The Atlantic Cities thinks we need a geometry lesson.

The AJC reports that the: Economy better, but we still drive less. Not that we would choose to drive less, or anything.

The question of who would pay for the utility and road work on a new stadium is still unanswered. My guess, the tax payers are footing that bill.

And, on a good note, YPT Atlanta will be hosting TOD – Transit Oriented Drinks – tomorrow, Tuesday 19th, at 6:00 pm at the Brick Store Pub in Decatur.

Thanks for stopping by! (is this not the lamest way to end a post? I feel so anticlimactic.)

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