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It’s like beating a dead horse. Except I like horses.

February 15, 2013

Yesterday was HB 264’s day in the Transportation Committee. The hearing, in which there was no public comment made, did show some more resistance to the bill, but it still made it out of committee. You can read the live tweets of the hearing over at Spotify.

Hearing photo by Dave Williams, as posted to Twitter.

The bill will now head to the House floor, by way of the Rules Committee. There is a floor session next Tuesday, but I don’t believe the Rules Committee will have had time to consider it and place it on the calendar. Check back here for updates on that process.

And because I haven’t told you enough about HB 264, Creative Loafing has also covered Wednesday’s hearing.

Your daily newsiness:

MARTA is hosting a Development Day March 7th to discuss TODs.

Hey lookie here, a fellow blogger wrote an Etiquette Handbook for the Boston T. I love etiquette. Maybe one day people will learn some and I won’t have to body check the people who won’t let me off the train before trying to board.

The NY Times has covered the Beltline.

A new bill would prevent lobbyists from buying legislators plane tickets, but would allow for them to pay for other modes of travel. Looks like Amtrak has started lobbying in Georgia.

I’m not sure what I’ll do about weekend news. Depending on if there is any, I may post on Sunday. If not, Monday’s post may be epic.

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