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Your daily transit news (now with added snark!)

February 12, 2013

The thing that strikes me most about the city’s push to build a new stadium to lure the Superbowl to Atlanta isn’t how the current one isn’t even paid for yet, but how this would effect transit options to the shiny new temple of American commercialism. New Orleans, the fine city that just hosted the Superbowl, built a streetcar to the stadium and opened it the week before the game to much fanfare and a visit from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, while Atlanta would be moving it’s stadium further away from transit. Transit helped get the Olympics to Atlanta, how would the Superbowl committee feel about a non accessible stadium? If I were on the committee, I’d frown more about how much that would effect game day than the age of the stadium and if it had a retractable roof.

And now some news:

The state Senate Transportation subcommittee for roads and bridges meets today at 3:30.

Who would have thought, but the AJC can write positive stories about MARTA (except how did they find that blogger and what blogger doesn’t want the traffic to their site?): Transit riders are healthier and have less stress.

Time covers parking, and why it should be more expensive. I think this is one of the biggest problems we have with transit in Atlanta, and also a way to increase ridership while funding MARTA.

Another story covering Rep. Jacob’s proposed legislation paints the legislator as paranoid:

Jacobs said he wanted to make privatization a done deal at MARTA because of fears that future administrations or boards would not be committed (would realize that this isn’t the cure for all our woes) to the privatization that GOP legislators are demanding.

Another story on the proposed multimodal station at Atlantic Station. Do we need a new Amtrak station? Yup. Do we need a big new station there? Not necessarily. In fact, it wouldn’t be my preference. Per a 2009 study that included the city, Amtrak, MARTA, GDOT, the Beltline, and ARC, found the preference for station locations downtown (the MMPT) and along the Northeast line of MARTA, at either the Chamblee, Brookhaven, or Lenox stations, which would have door-to-door transit connections. This new station, the brainchild of SRTA who purchased the land several years ago, would require building that Connect Cobb line to have a MARTA rail connection. Which I’m all for. Can we tie those two projects together? SRTA builds the rail line along with the station and I’ll be the spokesperson.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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  1. Joey permalink
    February 12, 2013 11:13 pm

    Amtrak belongs at the MMPT( on a side note, when are we gonna give the damn thing a proper name?).

    • February 12, 2013 11:19 pm

      The route of the Crescent doesn’t go downtown to the MMPT, it cuts west at Atlantic Station to Birmingham, which is why we will still need a station on the Northside of the city.

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