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February 11, 2013

I’m going to try a new format for blogging, and hopefully it will get me past the writer’s block and fifty drafts I’ve got that I can’t seem to finish because. Feel this immense pressure to be awesome. Instead, I’m going to start posting daily news articles, with some commentary, and the occasional massive post about things like privatization. Cause there’s a post coming about that, but ts still in research mode. For two weeks.

Transportation Camp was awesome, and I have to give MARTA props for making a strong show, which is more than any other agency during a Camp, which has been held in New York, DC, and San Francisco. Lyle Harris even held a crowd sourcing session, and I hope that this leads to some great new innovations coming out of MARTA. Transportation Camp will hit San Fran later this year and will hopefully be back in Atlanta early next year.

Today’s news articles:

MARTA’s CEO blogs about his first month on the job and customer service, which, of course, the AJC feels the need to comment on.

The Connect Cobb project continues to move forward and you can find their latest project fact sheet with updates on their Facebook page.

Speaking of projects moving forward, the Atlanta Streetcar is slated to begin putting rail in this week, and the vehicle maintenance facility construction has already begun.

Rep. Jacobs, head of MARTOC dropped a bill to relieve the 50/50 restriction on MARTA while taking a big crap all over the MARTA board, taking appointments from South Fulton for the North and giving an appointment to the Governor while the state continues to not provide any operational funding for the system but still thinking they get to control it.

The constant mucking with the board is very bad for the agency, and taking votes away from the areas of the region that most use the system brings up a lot of questions of equity. Remember too that the MARTA tax is, in essence, a regressive tax, and the transit dependent pay a higher percentage of their salary to the tax and then are the highest users of the system. Riders need to start rallying against these sort of oppressive changes. Frankly, the relief of the 50/50 restriction isn’t worth allow this bill to happen.

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