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Protect Your Children!!! Gwinnett County Raises Fares

January 31, 2012

That would have been the headline, had the AJC actually reported on the story and treated Gwinnett County how they do MARTA.  But instead Gwinnett County raised its fares to $2.50 each way (for buses only mind you) and I still haven’t found an article proclaiming such.  They didn’t miss a beat when MARTA raised its fare to $2.50, proclaiming “MARTA fares jump to $2.50, among highest in the nation.”  But then again they buried the article when Cobb County raised its fares last year so I guess I should lower my expectations even more than they already are.  Being that MARTA is “amongst highest in the nation” (and by that we mean right on par with nearly every other system in the country), does this mean that Cobb and Gwinnett County Transits’ fare increases make them even worse since they don’t offer nearly the same level of service?  Probably not, the AJC and Channel 2 didn’t beat them up enough; it is probably just another “sign of the economic times.” Those poor poor suburbs just can’t catch a break can they.

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