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Gentrification Reduex

November 5, 2011

Yesterday my smart@$$ post on gentrification was reposted on Tumblr, which is annoying because Tumblr as a platform sucks; you can’t make comments. I say this because either the meaning of my post wasn’t clear, or those people just chose to ignore it.  So here are my arguments:

A. Taken out of context, you lose the idea that this blog tends to be a dick that makes fun of all the things. We are neither polite nor discerning, everything is fair game. And yes, I purposely write outlandish blog titles to get attention.

B. I’m not a “Snowflake” and calling me that makes you a racist and invalidates your argument. In fact, if we want to get personal, I’m Native American so its all my land. Mine. You took it away from me.

C. I will never accept a poverty argument or “we had no other choice.” That gets really into personal history for me, so ask me offline, but I’m not going in to it here.

D. You missed the entire point of the post. It was not on the merits of gentrification, it was that its not white but generational. I hate race arguments. It’s the 30 somethings and 20 somethings moving into the city, of all ethnicities. Study after study has proven this. It’s the myopic little twits who went to college and have come out with idealist visions working for nonprofits and wanting to change the world starting with their neighborhoods, which may be yours. I’m not talking about the gentrifiers ten years ago, I’m talking about the current generation of fixed gear riding non car owning smart phone carrying brats. Call us entitled, call us too young to get social change, call us misguided, but realize that this is not a racial thing, its a generational thing. Now that may mean that those kids are primarily white because that’s who moved out of the cities to the burbs, but its not because we’re white. It’s because we’re young and idealistic. 

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