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September 15, 2011

Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is check my e-mail and my poor inbox is always slammed with news articles from the different news services that I subscribe to, and the infuriating thing is that often times, they’re the same article linked to three or four times and out of the twenty e-mails I get, they are all saying the same thing.

The tea party opposes the TSPLOST!

How is this news? And why do people keep writing articles about that over and over and over. I mean, did people honestly expect them to be supportive of the TSPLOST?

News flash: The TSPLOST is a tax.

Guess what? The Tea Party is anti tax.

It doesn’t matter if they oppose it because there’s too much transit and rail is socialist and takes away our freedoms and they don’t want it and they won’t use it and it would be a terrorist threat because IT’S A TAX. If you removed all the transit projects and presented a 100% road list THE TEA PARTY WON’T SUPPORT IT because it’s a $7 billion new tax.

The transit is only a scape goat for them to attempt to sound reasonable. It’s easy. It’s an easy thing for them latch on to and try to persuade the swing vote.

The way to pass the TSPLOST is to appease the pro-transit kids like me, sitting over here waiting to see if the project list that we get in October is good enough for me to support. If I love the list we get, if I want those projects, I will get out there and tell everyone I know to vote in support of it. I will make sure folks are registered and that they know all about the list and the bill and what they’ll get if they say yes and I’ll work as darn hard as I can to make sure people vote even if I have to bake muffins and drive them to the polls myself (I do own a car. Imagine that).

But I have to be motivated. The Tea Party is anti-tax on prinicple. The pro-transit environmental pro-progress folks are who will pass this, not them. Am I the only one who sees this?

And am I the only one wondering why the Tea Party isn’t pro TSPLOST since they’re kinda like a namesake?


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