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A Reverse of Crime Expectations Stirs Me from My Writing Slumber

June 16, 2011

So, it’s been a while dudes and dudettes. Not my fault, I’ve got three jobs now, which gives me a ton of opportunities to ride buses and trains and scoot and walk, but nothing is happening! I haven’t been witness or victim to anything worthy of your eyes in quite a while. I’ve moved from the Midtown area to the southwest downtown area, and I’m now within walking distance of all four rail lines, and two– yes two!– buses come right to my corner. Life is good, but uneventful.

I’m sure Matthew Ficken would agree with me. Or wait, no he wouldn’t, because he was robbed in Buckhead while waiting at the bus stop! And to think of all those times I have been waiting at the bus stop, just minding my bizniss when I hear the tell-tale click, the automatic door lock of fear. And in actuality, here we are as transit riders, exposed to everything, not inside a personal bubble of panic buttons. We are immediately more vulnerable to muggings and lightening strikes, and whatever else could happen.
So anyway, Ficken is just sitting there waiting, when some dude gets out of a car, snatches* his bag and runs. Ficken takes off after him and, to my honest-to-god surprise, so do other drivers who saw what happened.

See, lately, as I’ve been riding to work, I’ve realized that most drivers aren’t at all aware of what goes on around them when their car is moving. The don’t even observe signals and signs at intersections anymore, instead only knowing when to slow down or stop because of the brake lights of the vehicle in front of them. This is idiotic. It’s also terrifying for me, someone whose brake light just decides to shit out on occasion without my knowledge. Drivers, look around you!

So, I was surprised that drivers noticed that Ficken was robbed, and surprised that they even bothered to help him. I mean, not only are they drivers, they’re in Buckhead! Maybe I’m too cynical? But thank you, drivers who I have never met, who obviously do not carefully, awarefully drive near me, ever. Thank you for restoring my faith in the able-vehicled. Even though the dude who got out of a car to steal the briefcase totally negates that. But thanks anyway.

If you have any information on this case, please contact the police, because there may be more crimes. According to the news, the plate number of the getaway vehicle is registered to a Benz, but Ficken says that the car was a Nissan.

Dun Dun Dun.


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