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March 4, 2011

There are several folks I could give the title of Mr. MARTA to, including One, Two or the Bus Nerd, but today the title was stolen away by Mr. Jim Durrett, chair of the MARTA board.

I had the privilege of riding the train back with Jim after a meeting we were both attending, he with bike in hand. Several past board members didn’t actually ride MARTA, but Jim and his wife carpool and he rides the bus, train, walks, or bikes to work. He is committed.

How committed, you may ask?

When we got on the train today, Jim noticed a screw rolling around on the floor, along with a matching washer. We immediately started on an expedition to find where the screw came from. After about five minutes of searching, Jim spotted the offending hole. He immediately proceeded to put the screw back in place.


Once the screw was back in it’s happy little home, Jim took pictures of the screw and the car number to send off in an e-mail to someone who fixes such things. Then I noticed the electrical panel door had swung open, and more pictures were taken and Jim called the train operator on the emergency call box. At the next station, a station agent boarded the train to take a look at the problem.

Not only does he ride, but Jim is committed to making MARTA the best that it can be. Even if it includes him doing some of the heavy lifting, or, well, screwing in of wayward bolts, anyways. So he gets the title of Mr. MARTA, and it’s well deserved in my opinion.

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