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Transit Lobby Day and News Roundup

January 20, 2011

The Georgia Transit Association will host their annual Transit Lobby Day again this year on Thursday, February 3rd. If you haven’t had the chance to go I would recommend it. There is a breakfast at 8:00 AM, it’s $35, and you can hob nob with the three legislators who give a damn and actually show up. I’m placing my bets on Elena Parent, Doug Stoner, and Roberta this year. But the breakfast is informative and the food downright tasty.

Following the breakfast there is a bus showcase from systems all around the state. Who can guess who many systems there are in Georgia? I’m betting you’ll be surprised. You can then spend the rest of the morning at the Gold Dome pleading with your elected reps to consider transit. Maybe even reopen HB 277 and fix it’s problems.

To register or find out more information, check out the GTA website.

In other news, the Transit Limit Extension was included in the new tax bill, increasing the benefit for federal employees to match the parking benefit. Now if we could only get that increased to more than the parking break…..

A lady was run over by a CCT bus last night at H.E. Holmes, severing her leg. It appears that she walked out in front of the bus, but that the driver kept going. Maybe it was shock or confusion, but I cant think that you’d miss something like that. An investigation is pending, but until then, the driver is on leave.

The annual Urban Mobility study as downgraded Atlanta’s traffic congestion from the third worst in the nation the the tenth. Could it be possible? Could it be the result of more people moving into the metro region? Could it be due to a more environmentally conscious mindset in the area? Could it be due to the unemployment rate recently hitting 10.2%? Or could it be the result of a faulty study? Check out the CEOs for Cities press release.

MARTA CEO Dr. Beverly Scott responded to the AJC article regarding the level if bus service during Snowmaggedon last week.. Apparently she originally submitted her letter to the AJC who did not run it in it’s entirety, so it is now posted on their website.

And don’t forget to attend the MARTA public hearings next Monday, the 24th, regarding the changes in bus service. There is a meeting at 5:00 PM at the Decatur Public Library and one at 6:00 at MARTA headquarters. To find out more about these proposed changes, visit MARTA online.

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