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The No Pants Subway Ride 2011

January 18, 2011

Let’s discuss etiquette for a moment. Of course, it’s one of our favorite things here at MARTA Rocks!, ideal behavior on the train and bus. It’s the simple things, like not bringing your drama on the bus, or wearing pants.

I mean, who wants to see folks on MARTA with no pants on.

Me, actually. And a bunch of other folks. So on Sunday, January 9th the annual No Pants Subway Ride took place in Atlanta, as well as across the nation. For ten years now these rides have occurred nationwide, starting in New York. I would like to know who exactly, in New York, thought riding transit without Pants in January was a good idea, but at least we live in Atlanta. So approximately 75 folks showed up to hit the rails, with a bare bottom half. Of course I, your faithful MARTA blogger (aka nut job) was there to record the gruesome, hilarious, details.

We met up at Five Points to gather the masses and then hopped on the first north bound train that came. I got the distinct impression that a lot of these folks don’t regularly ride MARTA. Maybe this will change their minds. Transit is fun, even with your clothes on! (Hardy har har soooo cheesy!)

We alighted at Civic Center to depant and immediately started goofing off and taking pictures, which alerted a MARTA PD officer to us. Sadly she came over and told us to put our pants on and stop taking photos. I started arguing back, saying nothing that we were doing was illegal and it is perfectly in the realm of MARTA rules to take photos in the public parts of the system. She got mad, called for back up, and when they came, they said we were right and the pantless debauchery was back on. In fact, one of the other officers stated that we were, “Harmless. Crazy, but harmless.”. I did a little victory dance. It’s not often you fight with a cop and win.

Finally another north bound train pulled up and we were off, pantless and now with our very own MARTA PD escort of five officers! Really, nothing else better to do than follow a bunch of semi-nude people around the system? They eventually let us be and we had a great time, and got some interesting looks.

CCTgirl legs!

When asked about being pantless, some people stated that they lost their pants in the dyer.

Some were morally opposed to pants, but had no idea why there were other people without pants on the train.

And I just didn’t want to get my pants dirty. I mean, that train can be filthy!

One of my favorite shots of the day. Just a normal guy, reading a book on the train. In his bright pink boxers.

When the group got up to Doraville we waited at the very cold platform for the next southbound train, back into the city.

Dear MARTA, please feel free to use this shot for any publicity as you see fit. I think it’s a great view of the station, with a nice group of people waiting on the train. And look, a chef, reading the paper before heading into work. With lovely hit pepper boxers. It’s just the sort of image I think would work well. No need to thank me.

Way to truly rock the alternative commute style, Mr. No Pants Cyclist Dude. My helmet’s off to you!

The youngest pantless prankster, so cute!

Be on the lookout for the No Pants Subway Ride next year! I’d love to see y’all there, in your underwear! (Man, there I went again with the cheese! O I am so clever!)

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