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My MARTA life

December 16, 2010

Today’s post, just random. I like pictures. In fact, some lady was getting on to me about taking photos. It’s not illegal, per say, just really frowned upon. But this is my MARTA life….


Spotted at the Chamblee station.


Big bike outside of Five Points! Cool! There have been more of these sighted, where are they coming from?


What’s going on here, at the North Ave station. Are you redoing the mural, MARTA?


Lady + stroller – baby = really fricking annoying. Her hands are empty, look for the black gloves, she was texting, and her stroller shows no real evidence of a kid. And she’s blocking the isle.

Story time! The other night I got on the train and sat beside a lady and zoned out for the most part. There may have been some head back, eye closed action involved. A few stops later I heard her say excuse me, and I promptly grabbed my bag, hopped up, and let her out. She looked so shocked, smiled really big, and thanked me profusely.

What does that say that a passenger would be pleasantly surprised that I got off my lazy tush at 11:00 PM to let her out?

That we are some lazy transit riders, that’s what.

The other day I met the AC on the train. She got on at North Springs, I hopped on her car at Lindbergh, and we rode down to Five Points so she could poke me in the eye and gag me. (Aight you dirty, dirty kids, she was testing my cranial nerves. I’m proud to report that they all work correctly.) Some lady had sat down beside the AC, so I sat behind her and we studied the nerves, and which nerve means I’ll respond when she shoves a safety pin into my cheek (I am a good friend.) It never occurred to this woman that she might offer to move across the isle to an empty set of seats to allow us to study together. Then, when we arrived at Five Points and the AC said, “Excuse me,” the lady didn’t even move. And as the AC pointed out, when you’re a student rocking a huge, uncontrollable book bag that protrudes from your back like a turtle shell, people should watch out. The AC can’t control if you get hit in the face if you don’t get out of her way. With that being said, I will plow right through you if you don’t let me off the train before getting on. In fact, I will aim for you intentionally and check you like a line backer. Where are your manners, MARTA?

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