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I’m the chosen one

December 14, 2010

Last night was an epic tour of MARTA for me. Following the RAIL committee meeting and impormptu Christmas party, Two and I hit the rails to head home. Unfortunately, the train was late. Late enough that we missed our connection at Five Points, which made me miss the bus. Normally, I don’t care that much, I’m fine with waiting. But it was really cold, and Lenox station offers no real protection from the wind. I decided to go bum and ride the train until my next bus, 45 minutes later, to stay warm. So I hopped on a southbound to North Ave, which is a warm station, all things considered, and waited for a northbound to take me back up to my bus. With a couple of minutes to spare I raced up to catch my bus and got a big ole dose of crazy to round out my trip.

Crazy dude here kept claiming that he was the chosen one, the son of God, that he’s the outlaw of his family, and then talked about his baby sister who is 55. I didn’t know Jesus was am outlaw. It’s probably bad to videotape the nuts on MARTA, but the whole bus was. It was epic. And midnight, which makes it more comical when you’re tired and have been riding MARTA for over an hour in 15 degree weather.

For more footage of the crazy dude, and other videos, check out my YouTube channel!

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  1. December 14, 2010 7:25 pm

    CRAZY?? on the MARTA?? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! It CAN’T BE! Schizophrenics can be very entertaining!

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