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Jumping on board

November 23, 2010

I generally try to not touch on the stuff that other blogs and folks talk about, but today, I can’t hold my tongue any longer.  The train has come into the station and I’ve purchased my tickets and by golly I am getting on that train; the talk shit about the AJC train. 

See, the AJC has gone all to hell, an anti-transit suburban hell.  They even moved out to the ‘burbs.  And while they’ve been known for trying to always portray MARTA in a negative light, they’ve recently taken it as a personal mission to attack the streetcar almost daily.  As a friend put it, “Apparently every AJC columnist will be required to attack the streetcar at some point.”  What gives, AJC?  You’re upset that as soon as you move to the ‘burbs downtown gets something cool to promote growth?  It’s not a “Yay the AJC left!” thing but a “Y’all just left at the wrong time” thing, no need to take it so hard.

The streetcar will be a huge boost to the city, helping the Edgewood area to grow economically while showing the city what first class transit can be and what Atlanta should be aiming for.  In the latest round of TIGER grants, Atlanta was awarded the single largest grant for this project, so obviously the current administration finds merit in the project.  And while yes, the streetcar won’t reduce congestion, that’s not what it was designed to do.  Sometimes transit projects aren’t about congestion mitigation, sometimes it’s just about transit and being a world-class city.

Citizens for Progressive Transit is hosting a streetcar happy hour next Tuesday, November 30th, and Noni’s on Edgewood.  Come out and hear about how it is an awesome project and how we’re excited that in two years we’ll have the first new transit infrastructure in Atlanta in decades, and that’s something I’m proud of.

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