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Experiment: Fail

November 22, 2010

If you intend to conduct an experiment regarding how people will react to your car-freeness, let me offer one piece of advice.  Don’t post about it on your blog before the experiment.  Apparently people actually read this blog (just joking, I actually see your hits.  I stalk you stalking me.)

The Bus Nerd asked me how the experiment went.  Well, actually.  When  suggested I would meet him, Camera Dude, as he shall be called, (because really, who cares about our names?) suggested a restaurant beside the station.  He even knew my route and that I’d have to transfer at Lindbergh.  Well played, sir.

Of course, he later confessed to reading the blog beforehand.

But we did talk about it, and Camera Dude said he doesn’t think that it’s a big deal if a girl doesn’t have a car.  He figures that for girls, it’s about status and that transit isn’t romantic.  I beg to differ, transit can be romantic.  If you take me to the Fox via MARTA, I will think it’s a lovely date and that you are smart.  I hate traffic.  If you take me on Amtrak to New Orleans or camping, it will be a best a best date ever.

So, gentlemen who read this blog, what do you think?  Girl without a car, is it a do, or a do not?  And ladies, what about your dates, are you okay if they pick you up via bus?  Leave comments, and we’ll make this another contest.  Win a prize!

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