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I got Luckie without a car

November 17, 2010

“Is your neighborhood safe?”
“Yea, why?”
“I was thinking about taking the bus to your house. You live along a great bus line, but I’ll have to walk from the bus stop.”
“Why would you do that?”

Last night Two, One, Sam, and I met to discuss some typical transit nonsense as always when One came up with the slogan, “I got Luckie without a car,” in reference to the future streetcar route which will be down a portion of Luckie Street. Of course it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it also made me think of the gripe transit guys have about girls who won’t date men without a car. I would personally have no problems dating someone who didn’t have a car by choice, not because of something stupid like a DUI, and That’s MARTA! and her husband have both been car free as long as they’ve known one another, so she obviously doesn’t have a problem, either.

But that got me to thinking, how do guys feel about girls without cars? You’d think it’d be less of a big deal, but I’m not so sure. I recently had the conversation at the beginning of the post with a guy that I had been seeing. He knows I write a blog about MARTA, but couldn’t get why I would ride MARTA to see him. He also couldn’t figure out why I would pick up Two for us to go out to dinner.

So I’ve decided to conduct a social experiment. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with a guy in Midtown, but Midtown near Howell Mill, not near the station, so Midtown on a bus. We recently met and I’m not sure if he is aware of my transit prima blogarina status and love of MARTA, but I’m showing up tonight sans auto. He’s seen me and my car, but let’s see how he takes the car-free version.

Stay tuned…..


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