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A new crusade

November 4, 2010

In case you haven’t kept up with Georgia politics, Elena Parent did win her bid for the House seat in District 81, which says a lot for her campaign and the fact that she, a Democrat, ousted a Republican incumbent in a year when everything else went Republician. So long Jill Chambers! The nonbinding referendum in Clayton also passed with overwhelming success, nearly 70%! I almost didn’t expect it, considering the fact that they re-elected the commission that killed CTran in July. So it was a transit friendly election, even transit supporter Doug Stoner was re-elected. Hopefully Deal won’t be as knuckle-headed about transit as he seemed to be when asked during the campaign. Our next goal to keep and eye out for the TSPLOST. Will it be transit friendly?

When I left my house at 6:00AM Monday morning to campaign for Elena I saw a bunch of cyclists coming down my road in the dark. Out on the campaign trail I saw cyclists with no helmets and I’ve decided I’m going to now start accosting cyclists who don’t take the lane and who, heaven forbidden, don’t wear helmets.

Of course I’m all for cycling and think everyone needs a bike, and I think I need to ride mine more. But we need to be smart about that, and that includes protecting our noggins and owning the lane. It’s our lane, don’t let some dick run you off the road as he passes you because he thinks he has enough room because you didn’t stake your claim to the pavement. So I’m going to start yelling at bikers about their bad biking behavior. It’s my new mission.

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