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2010 will be remembered as the year of service cuts

November 1, 2010

As the weather chills, finally, and the waits for the bus start to get that burn of from the wind, CCT faces some drastic changes starting today.

In case you weren’t aware, all transit systems, besides MARTA, are facing some drastic cuts. GRTA will be broke in a year, MTA has been toying with the idea of upping the cost of their monthly fare card to $104, and CCT is right up there with the rest of them. Starting today, fares have increased to $2 local, $4 express, the customer service centers are closed, and some routes have been drastically slashed. The route most effected, which amazes me, is the 65 down Roswell, which will only run peak service with no service on Saturdays. The 10 into Atlanta will operate every 30 minutes outside of peak on the weekdays, and several routes have crazy Saturday schedules, including no 9:30 run for the 10. I guess that’s not a good time for going out on the town?

In order to purchase Breeze cards and tickets, you will need to get them at MARTA or the CCT administrative offices on Commerce Park, near the Cobb Civic Center. You can still reload your card on buses.

I hate to see CCT continue to restrict weekend service. For an area that doesn’t have Sunday service, they’ve made it even harder for folks on the weekend. No service down Roswell? I hope things turn around for transit in Atlanta, and soon! I have placed a lot of faith on to this streetcar showing what modern transit can be. Let’s just hope people pay attention….

To find out more, visit CCT’s website.

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