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Yay updates!

October 26, 2010

As That’s MARTA! mentioned, I have been AWOL, to a land where there is no public transportation, unless hayrides qualify. There is some sort of government van service, I see them in town, but we live too far out of town for it to come here. I think that’s why I’m so fascinated by transit, while That’s MARTA! grew up on it, I only had the opportunity to ride when we visited family in D.C. or New York. I even went to college in a rural, college town. And college town where there’s nothing but the school and the businesses shut down during the summer because there’s neither patrons, nor staff. I laugh when I hear people say Atlanta is a college town.

Anyways, sorry for the absence. I know that y’all pine for our musings on transit and are therefore mourning our disappearance. Or at least I like to tell myself that. But the world of transit hasn’t stopped rolling, and in case you missed it, Atlanta is getting the Downtown Connector, AKA the Streetcar. Congrats to everyone who worked on it, this shows so much promise for our city. I am annoyed, though, that people are still talking about the Beltline. Obviously this is a good project, a deserving one, or it wouldn’t have received the funds, so let’s all dwell on what this means for Atlanta rather than the negatives. We’ll see the first new transit infrastructure to the city in more than ten years. Maybe soon the last three counties will join MARTA and we can have a shot at that world class transit system CfPT promotes.

Speaking of federal grants coming our way, the feds also awarded $4.1 million for an Atlanta to Charlotte high-speed rail line. Amtrak already goes there, but you arrive at 1 AM. But seeing how one of my best buds lives up there, and it’s a great half way point for visiting my mom, and I am selfishly excited about this. I’ll be a frequent rider.

And in other news, GDOT has a face book page! From their press release:

“We have to find more and more ways to get information about our programs and projects to the users of our transportation facilities,” said Georgia DOT Commissioner Vance C, Smith, Jr. “Facebook gives us yet another tool to tell our story.”

I’m not sure what their story is, how they like roads? It does crack me up that they sent out a press release about being behind the social media curve, though. Speaking of which, have y’all joined MARTA’s Facebook and Twitter pages yet?

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