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Try BART week!

October 14, 2010

As an incentive to get folks on transit, BART is hosting a try BART week, chock full of prizes, contests, and an awesome kick off next Monday. The prizes consist of annual BART passes or Ben & Jerry’s, which are both amazing prizes, worth $2,500 or yummy goodness. Nothing says happy to not get the grand prize like some Phish Food or Creme Brulee.

This is the kind of progressive stuff I love seeing transit systems do, similar to the Free Ride Day Burlington, Vermont, hosted earlier this year. Some people need that incentive to get on the transit, which can be intimidating, but besides that, it’s about image. Transit’s not immune to the times, and hosting events where people can win stuff by texting from the station shows that the system is progressive. We’re talking about a social issue that’s been around a couple of centuries now, and while we haven’t gotten those futurist trains we were promised, a system with orange seats from the 70s can be a system of my millennial generation with a mobile formatted website and smart phone apps.

Maybe one day we can have a Ride MARTA week. Until then, you can read about BART week on their website.

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  1. October 14, 2010 12:25 pm

    GO BART!
    I’ll ride Marta & hand out fun prizes like the Marta Santa Clause…I hope this pays well 🙂

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