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Quote of the Whatnow: Railgasms!

October 12, 2010

“My crude friends say streetcar fans have rail-gasms just thinking about this.”

— Former Cincinnati Mayor, Tom Luken (an opponent of the Cincinnati Streetcar)

But, oh yeah! Cincinnati’s Downtown-Uptown Streetcar is about to break ground! And people are pissed and/or excited.

Among supporters, the streetcar plan inspires glassy-eyed, messianic zeal over a development they view as a linchpin to the city’s future, one they believe will revitalize Cincinnati’s core while adding a bit of urban hipness and cachet[…] Critics, many seething with rage born of the feeling that something has been put over on the majority of Cincinnatians by a minority, are equally convinced the streetcar will prove to be a colossal waste of money

Railgasms definition herewith: A mental, and occasionally physical, experience of euphoria at the prospect of new and modern public transportation infrastructure and development. Often attributed to light rail, but applicable to other modes as trends dictate.

(See where the Cincinnati Streetcar goes!)


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