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Field Trip!

October 12, 2010

Last week I got to go on a field trip with the AC. We try to do lunch on Wednesdays if she’s free, busy school schedule and what not, and this past Wednesday she asked if I wanted to go with her while she bought her monthly student Breeze pass. I saw it as a perfect blogging opportunity. I’m always trying to think of new things to blog about. It’s a tough job, you know? All the thinking, and the pay sucks.

So the AC took me on a tour of her school and man, do I miss being in college. There was a crazy religious protest or sermon or something going down in the plaza, and ZipCar was there handing out the worst, oversized silly bandz. Someone needs to tell them silly bandz are meant to cut off circulation, not fall off your wrist.

Anywho, after I stopped to hear the sermon we went into the student center to purchase said card.


Despite the signage, we only got a little lost. However, seeing sorority row in the student center was entertaining. Next year, we’re going to get the AC on homecoming court.


Buy that Breeze pass! Doesn’t the AC look all academic?


GRTA routes posted, with the Blue Zone.


Students get a pretty good deal. Can I be a student, too?


The obligatory Breeze card and outdated map shot.


After our Breeze buying adventure and a stop-off for coffee, the AC decided to skip her last class of the day to study for midterms, so we hopped on MARTA together, our first actual ride together, oddly enough, and rode off into the sunset. Or late afternoon sun rush hour.

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