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October 6, 2010

Last week I had to re-establish my long standing, intimate relationship with Nashville. I’ve never done the touristy thing, though, just always stayed close to the hospital. This time, as I was preparing for my trip, One mentioned that there is a beautiful locomotive in a park there. Since I beat my parents to Nashville by a couple of hours and it was still daylight, I went searching for said engine. You know me, if there’s a train, I will find it.






In the same park, called Centennial, there is also a Parthenon. Built in the 1800s for the world’s fair, it houses an art muesuem.


Between undergrad and graduate school, I did a study abroad in Scotland. I was accepted to an Appalachian Heritage program as a special student, which meant non degree seeking, but I was more entertained by saying I got to ride the short bus. The purpose of the program was to trace the migration of people from Scotland to the Appalachian Mountains. For the duration, we stayed in Edinburgh and traveled around both the lowlands and the Highlands.

I tell you this to tell you my amazement of Parthenons. In Edinburgh there is the place of wonder called Calton Hill. Calton Hill is known for it’s many monuments, but my point is the Scottish National Monument, a tribute to those Scottish who perished fighting for the United Kingdom in the Napoleonic Wars. The monument, began in 1817, is also called Edinburgh’s Disgrace, because they ran out of funds and the monument remains unfinished.

My point? It is also a replica of the Parthenon.

Don’t get me wrong, the Parthenon is great, but that’s Greece’s thing, not Nashville, or Scotland’s. They couldn’t come up wih something a little more Scottish for the Scottish National Monument?

Bonus nonsense: the Old Calton Cemetary has a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

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