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Photo Essay

September 22, 2010


As we are all aware, the service cuts are coming in three days. In three days we will lose some of our bathroom privileges, we’ll be waiting longer for the train, and some of our buses will be gone.


The other day my bus driver asked I was brought him anything, since my bus is one of those that will be axed. I will have service, just another route, and my driver will be on the extra board.


But I have to give MARTA credit, if you don’t know by now that the changes are happening, then you live under a rock. Or never use transit.

On the other hand, I got horribly confused because they already removed the sign for my bus at the station bus bay. I walked around the place to make sure it hadn’t been moved, then e-mailed the Bus Nerd to complain. I confuse easily, MARTA needs to keep this in mind.


If you haven’t looked yet, the new routes, maps, and schedules are posted online over at You have no excuse if you’re blindsided this weekend.

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