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You Googled It

September 14, 2010

The fun Google searches keep coming so here are some more answers to your wacky questions.

? Is the MARTA still running? Well yes, silly, or we wouldn’t have a blog to write.

? What year MARTA train started running? June 30th, 1979

? MARTA rock a transsexual crushing? Uhm, what? I don’t think MARTA has a crush on any transsexuals. She does, however, rock. And yes, MARTA is a girl.

? What MARTA is near the Amtrak station? Take the train up to Arts Center and get on the 110 up Peachtree to get to Amtrak, it’s quite easy.

? fta MARTA braves: I’m not sure why you’re asking about the Federal Transit Administration and their affinity for the Braves. I would imagine they’re more likely to be Nationals fans. Update: Two says that the Braves could keep shuttle service going by funding this themselves, but that there are some FTA charter restrictions which come into play. This is outside of the scope of MARTA Rocks! and makes my head hurt. Go ask a planner.

? MARTA incidents after midnight. Like anything in the city, you should be cautious late at night when there are less people around. You should probably be concerned when there are lots of people, too. But MARTA is rather safe, and the cops actually have a pretty good presence, and they hang around in plain clothes, so just because you see them doesn’t mean they’re not there.

The only recent incident I can recall was a shooting several months back in East Point. A kid was killed because he wouldn’t give up his cell. Nothing is worth your life, so if someone does approach you and demands something, give it to him, but throw it away from yourself. Always be sensible, wait inside the station for your bus or ride, and try to not travel alone!

? Is MARTA hard to… Hard to what? I think this was a software glitch, but it makes me giggle.

? MARTA fare increases. The only fares increasing are for passes; single trips are still $2. To learn more, go to

? Abandoned MARTA station. There actually aren’t any abandoned MARTA stations, sorry to all you folks who are into exploring abandoned stuff.

? Cars parked crooked: Huh? I hate people who can’t or refuse to park, but I’m not sure that has anything to do with MARTA.

? MARTA transit photos: The best source I know for this is the most ridiculous Flickr site ever. Have fun with that.

? Train jerk. Uh, no jerking off on the trains, people. I don’t care how much of a foamer you are, Do Not Hump the trains!

But if you see a huge jerk you want to call out, we’re big fans of etiquette. So e-mail me your picture or story to Disclaimer: Taking photos on MARTA is against the rules, so I’m not condoning it (MARTA Rocks! has special permission from MARTA’s PR), I’m just saying that if you already broke the law and happen to have a picture, I’ll go ahead and post it. You know, so people learn from your mistakes.

So keep asking questions! And we’ll take your Rider Mail, too.

Updated 9-14-2010 @ 1:36 due to some, uhm, corrections from Two.

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  1. two permalink
    September 14, 2010 9:28 am

    The first MARTA train ran on June 30, 1979. (I was on it, and I’m not that old!)

    Also, “FTA MARTA Braves” is a reasonable search right now, given the impending shutdown of the Braves Shuttle and the onerous FTA charter restrictions that become a major issue when considering how to potentially keep it going as a Braves-funded service.

    • CCTgirl permalink*
      September 14, 2010 1:32 pm

      You are so, so very old. :p. Didn’t you know you just turned forty-one?

      Thanks for the corrections!

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