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Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo Transit

September 12, 2010

What would Tokyo transit look like if say, all humans were to disappear from Earth?

Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo has a large number of automated rail systems that require no conductors or engineers. Essentially, transit on monorails would not stop moving no one until the electricity supply disappears. Only then would Tokyo’s transit fall into decay.

Hamamatsucho Station
The Manneken Pis (weirdest sculpture idea ever) at Hamamatsucho Station would keep pis-ing itself until the electricity to the water recycling and filtration system was cut off, or until the water evaporated. Hamamatsucho Station is the terminal station for Haneda Airport, which has a mean elevation of only 21 feet above sea level. The station could easily be flooded out and away as shown here.

Other stations might not meet the same watery death, and would instead be taken over by weeds. The stone, concrete, and marble stairs would eventually crumble. Metal station girdings woul eventually oxidize away…

Fukutoshin Line, Shibuya Station (Subway)

Shinjuku Station

Yoyogi Station

See more Apocalyptic Tokyo at Pink Tentacle!

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