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Touring the South by Amtrak

September 9, 2010

The New York Times’ Frugal Traveler went all around the country on a budget, which included a lot of riding the rails on “America’s Tracks.” (Dig it? No? Okay.) Anyway, here’s a little video about the trains, the people who ride them, and the people who live where they stop.

Atlanta gets a shout out here with the nice sunrise view over a southbound train.
But wait, he’s heading north to New York at this point. And where’s the stopover footage for Atlanta? He recommends getting off in Savannah, especially the ghost tours.
But wait, if he’s heading back to New York from Atlanta, he doesn’t go anywhere near Savannah, unless he’s gotten off the Crescent in Washington DC and traveled back southbound on the Silver Service/Palmetto line.
Or the video has been oddly edited with the idea that only insulated, non-southward New Yorkers will be watching. And that makes me sad. Check out the rest of the video series, and let me know if you see any other inaccuracies.

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