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News Roundup: Animal Edition

September 6, 2010


All your bus are belong to us.

A while back, Mental Floss compiled a list of transit-oriented animals. Check it out!

Kitty twitter win! Last week, cute cat Lilou skipped the fare gates at Mahalide station and ended up at the Pearce street stop on DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit). Through Irish Rail (Iarnróid Éireann) security footage and Twitter, Lilou’s route was backtracked and her owner was found. She even got a rail card out of the deal:

On Monday, two collared goats were discovered stuck on the lower ledge of a railroad trestle in Rimrock, Montana. On Wednesday, they were rescued through a partnership of the Humane Society, the sherriff, Animal Edventures, and some mining equipment. For some reason, this is not what I expected any kind of rail in Montana to look like. But I’m in no way surprised that this was a success.


Animals on the Underground are pretty famous after first being spotted by Paul Middlewick in 1988. The elephant (my favorite) was discovered while Paul was staring at the tube map during his daily journey home from work (because boredom will do that to you). Now, there’s Lost Property, a book about the elephant who has uncharacteristically bad memory and can’t remember his way home. Here’s a listing of all the animals found so far!

Polar Bear
Six reasons to ride a polar bear to work. Do you need them?

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