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Old School Atlanta Transit Renderings

September 2, 2010

First, a map.

When you think about it, Five Points isn’t actually much different than the super-futuristic rendering.

City Hall East/Sears is where the BeltLine is supposed to be anyway, so this is only fitting. I dislike what the BeltLine has become, but this I would not mind at all.

Want more transit history? Check out CCT Girl’s experience at the Southeastern Railway Museum.

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  1. Darin permalink
    September 2, 2010 12:38 pm

    That original rapid transit map is so cool — I’ve never seen that before. And I love the routes. I think I just had a transit-gasm.

    RE: that rendering of the rail near the Sears building, there was an awesome exhibit at MODA in 2008 showing students’ proposals for a light-rail station on Ponce at the Beltline. I couldn’t find any info on it at the MODA site, but here’s some info here with photos of a proposal:

    Anyway, it was a really well-done exhibit and made me hopeful for transit and added density along the Beltline in this area. My hope, however, has worn down since then as I’ve realized the potential for Nimby-ism to make the Beltline little more than a backyard bike & park trail — a recreational amenity for existing homeowners instead of a useful alternative-transportation option for the city. We’ll see.

  2. JDG permalink
    May 24, 2011 12:01 pm

    I’m dying to know – where are these renderings from???? I can see that the Sears building one is from a book – anyone know what book? And/or the name of the artist (I can make out “Walter E.” and “Architect”, but not the last name)?

    Love the 60’s modernism, so optimistic…

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