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Sad Irony: Ghost Train Hunter Killed by Real Train

August 31, 2010

[Philip Straub]
Nearly twelve decades ago, a train derailed and went off a bridge near Statesville, North Carolina. 30 passengers died and 7 rail cars ended up in the ravine below. Every year since, it has been said that screams and train whistles can be heard from the scene. This year, it was true.

A gaggle of ghost hunters were on the trestle around 2:45 AM when a train of this world was on its way through. The group ran with all but three making it to the embankment safely. One was injured in an unnoted manner; a woman was pushed out of the way and fell 30 feet; the man who pushed her and probably saved her life, Chris Kaiser, was struck and killed.

(Every time I told someone this story, they laughed. At first, it was a “what the fuck” kind of laugh, which then segued into an awkward “am I supposed to be laughing?” throat-clearing fakery. It’s okay to laugh. And then feel bad about it.)

See you on the tracks next year, Chris.

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