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The Beltline saga continues…

August 25, 2010 featured a post by some other blog yesterday titled “Innovative Beltline takes a backseat to Streetcar,” and I was infuriated.  The post they featured wasn’t by an Atlantan, and while he did have the facts, the person who summarized the post didn’t include those, so it made Atlanta look foolish.  They didn’t talk about how the Streetcar has operating funds and is shovel ready,or that the Beltline was only asking for a few million for landscpaing and trails and could later qualify for start up funds. However, they’re now featuring my post from Monday. What have I gotten myself into?

In other news, the Beltline has announced that they will hold a meeting next Wednesday to discuss the decision to not persue federal funds.  I’d go, but I’m seriously afraid of being attacked as someone who doesn’t support the Beltline.

(updated 8/26/2010 1:36 PM to reflect change

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