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Spoiler Alert! People in NYC are nuts.

August 22, 2010
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The Gothamist poseted an article that MTA riders are becoming disillusioned in the L line now that there are signs telling them when the train arrives. 

Really?  Knowing when your ride will come kills the experience for you?

[The LED signs’] primary effect, then, is to erode faith in the system, to create expectations that can’t always be met, to raise false hopes, and to erase the mystery and magic of the wondrous system that transports more than five million riders a day….

Granted, I obsess over when my train will come and what time that means I’ll get to my destination, but I do that in a car, too.  I plan.  I also have a bad sense of time.  But people are actually complaining about signs that tell them when their train comes?  Nuts.

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