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Dressed up bus stops in funeral attire

August 17, 2010

Spotted on Ponce at East Lake.

Decals are going up to notify passengers of the upcoming MARTA service cuts.  These decals are being placed on the stops that will no longer be serviced after September 25th, like the section of Ponce past Moreland down to Avondale.

I have to give props to MARTA for their efforts in getting the word out about the changes.  These decals should be in place by the beginning of September, so keep an eye out for them.  MARTA has been hosting community meetings to highlight the changes and there are more scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday, the 23rd and 24th.  You can read more about the meetings by visiting MARTA’s website.  They’re also planning a barrage of marketing materials to be placed at stations and on buses.

It breaks my heart to see these decals down Ponce.  The Number Two is my favorite route, not because I ride it daily, but because it takes you to all the best places in town (The Local, Eats & Clermont) has the best scenery and can be quicker than taking the East-West line and transferring at Five Points, but because it’s also a historical route.

The Number Two follows along old trolley lines, you can even see how the spacing of the trees along the side of the road left room for the trolleys to pass.  This bus stop, at Ponce and East Lake, is the last remaining trolley stop.  The neighborhood association maintains the stop, which means it will still be cared for, but unfortunately there will be no more service to this area.  Decades after it lost the trolley, it’s now a lone sentinel  of Atlanta’s transit history.

But hey. that’s a bike path they’re building behind there in the background.


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