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The Subway Excuse

August 5, 2010
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People are all the time complaining about how unreliable MARTA is and how you can’t depend upon it to get to work on time and yada yada yada.  Stuff happens, sure.  I’ve been late to work a couple of times because there’s some problem or another, but that’s normally for my 11:00 shift at the shelter, so I give MARTA a little bit more slack when it’s not rush hour.

However, people are always comparing MARTA to other transit systems, like Fool #2 did on Monday.  I have been on lots of transit systems all over the nation and around the world.  MTA often smells like pee, DC is all sorts of messed up and are my favorite to look down upon (I’m from SWVA, they’re all NOVA, you have to be from Virginia to really understand), CTA is just crappy looking and old, and BART has cushioned seats.  Ew.  Yea, you can go to Nebraska and back on MTA and MARTA will only take  you next door, but that’s our legislator’s fault, not MARTA.  No one can touch China, really, and the Tube, well it’s just an icon unto itself.  DART is pretty awesome.

Fool #2 talked about how much he appreciated MTA, and they are a pretty slick organization, sure.  But they have problems, just like the rest of us.  This week, an MTA booth worker was caught snoozing on the job.  His excuse, he had to check the money really well.  I guess he’s also really near-sighted.

And in May, MTA also implemented one of the greatest features of a transit system ever, scoffing at its ridership base by saying, “Yea, we’re not perfect.  Deal with it.”  MTA now offers an Online Delay Verify service.

Late to work because of the train?  Well have no fear, MTA will send an excuse to your boss.  Just fill out the form on  your iPhone while you wait on the train and they’re verify that there was, indeed, something wrong with your usual commute.  In generally about 21 days.

I’m not so sure the purpose, I mean, will your boss wait a month before firing you for being tardy?  “I’m sorry I was late, some Metrocided on the G.  I submitted a Delay Verification online, I’ll get that right to you as soon as I get it.  Should be sometime next year.”  However, more than 5,000 were submitted in July, so people are partaking of the MTA excuse.

It just cracks me up because they’re making no apologies.  So who’s gonna write your excuse if you’re stuck on 285 in the morning?

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