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O that’s what a car’s supposed to do!

August 4, 2010

As I mentioned earlier, my car got stolen last week, and Progressive hooked me up with a really nice rental.  I’m in love with my rental and part of me is a little sad that my car was recovered, because I was considering how awesome it would be to take the check from my car and get myself a brand spanking new Hyundai.  Please don’t tell my car that I would ever consider that, though.  Okay?  I also considered ditching my car all together, but oddly enough, Two didn’t agree with that idea.  It seems he’s concerned about me and where the shelter is located being a rough part of town and not so transit friendly.  But still, Mr. Car-free actually thinks I need one.  Imagine!

Anyways, the point of this is that my 2011 Hyundai Sonata rental comes with XM Radio.  Once I discovered the Comedy channels, that’s all I’ve been doing.  In fact, I drive everywhere and then stay in the car just to listen to the radio.  Kinda sad.  But I heard the best skit today from when Lewis Black came to Atlanta.

On his End of the Universe album there’s this bit about Atlanta and our traffic situation.  He scoffs at our transit system and makes fun of our six lanes of endless traffic.  Black makes the prediction that soon we’ll back out of our driveways and be instantly stuck going nowhere because of all the cars.

My favorite part is when he talks about all the traffic going down to the race.  When he flew in, 285 was at a stand-still with all the fans going down to Henry County.  Lewis says it was then that it dawned on him why Nascar is so popular, he didn’t get it until that moment.  We go to the races to see cars actually drive fast, that we get to see “what a car’s supposed to do.”  And that we’re getting there “as slow as possible to watch cars go fast!”

I thought it was all quite clever.  But sad, really, that Atlanta’s so stinking bad we’re a part of a comedy skit that’s broadcast world wide.

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