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中国 甚么???

August 3, 2010

Okay China, I like you.  I mean, I spent some time touring you, got a minor in your language, decorate my house with your motifs, and generally, just kind of love  your whole culture (except for the hot tang  you served me at breakfast.  That’s a fail).  I think you’re great.  Really.  But I have to ask, what the @%*$ are you thinking?

China has announced plans for a “straddling bus” that will travel over traffic.  I am so confused.  It’s reported to be powered by solar and electricity and will run on a track.  Isn’t this basically above-ground light rail?  They even call it “light-rail bestriding the road.”  There will be large, above ground loading stations for passengers, so it’s an express bus for all intensive purposes.  Light rail.

Construction of the track in Beijing is to begin by the end of this year and should cost around 500 million yuan, so something like $63 million US.  Transit wise, that is incredibly cheap, 10% the cost of heavy rail.  And the bus can be built in one year, so incredibly quickly.

I’m curious to see how this plays out, and if it catches on.  To read more about it, and see a lovely video, head over to China Hush.

(translation – the title is zhong1 guo2 (China) and shen2 me (what) meaning China what the???)

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