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I’m gonna smack someone

August 2, 2010
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Periodically I like to check MARTA’s Facebook page to see what folks are saying and what I can respond to, sometimes I like to pretend that I can add to the madness.  

However, sometimes I see things and I get so enraged!  Are people really that stupid and short-sighted?  For example, let’s consider these comments left in response to info being posted regarding the upcoming community meetings:

Peyton White Looks like your going downhill. Cause now ppl are going to have to buy cars… And your not going to make as much money. So good job. You should be making the most money with the recession because people’s cars are being repoed (including mine) and we have to ride MARTA. Also, I think it is the stupidest thing to shut down the Brave’s Shuttle. That is like what? Going to be 25%+ of your income during the playoffs?? That’s just completely dumb to be honest.

Mark Gordon I am from nyc and didnt appreciate the mta til i came down here to atl. Marta is totally mismanaged and run by a bunch of incompetents. Cant even properly run four train lines. Service is already craapy and its gonna get worse and expensive. Smh hard

A – Peyton, let’s use some proper grammar and real words, okay?  It’s you’re as in YOU ARE, and ppl?  This is not a text, try to sound intelligible.  I have no idea what kind of service is caapy, Mark, but what is smh?  And how does one smh hard?

B – what kind of logic is it that people are gonna have to buy cars because they’re riding MARTA because their cars have been repossessed?  I’m going to say fuzzy at best.

Let’s talk facts.  TRANSIT IS NOT PAID FOR AT THE FARE BOX!  It costs approximately $450 an hour to operate a train.  You paid $2 to get on said train.  So where is the rest of the money coming from? 

Taxes.  That one cent sales tax you pay when you buy something, that pays the difference.  Now, since you so kindly mentioned the term recession, how does that affect the income generated from sales tax?  It decreases!  I know, I should have been an economics major.  Since there are no other sources of funding for MARTA, it has to cut service or shut its doors when it burns through its reserves.  So if you want to talk mismanagement and incompetency, running a transit system into the ground tends to be a little bit of a poorer strategy than continuing to offer you some level of service.

As for the Braves shuttle.  If you add the $90 an hour it takes to operate the bus to the $450 it takes to operate the train, that means getting your butt to the games costs $540.  Truth be told, it is quicker to walk to Turner from Georgia State than to wait on the shuttle and a couple of MARTA regular service routes go by there.  So you can still get to the game and MARTA saves money.  The Braves shuttle is a money funnel, trust me, they aren’t making anything off of it.

And if your car did get repossessed and you rely on MARTA, than I would think you would prefer them to keep your usual route and get rid of the shuttle.  How often do you ride the shuttle?  Because if it’s that frequent, we might know why you don’t have a car anymore.

 O, and you want to compare the largest transit system in the nation, which moves over 9 million folks a day, to the 9th largest, which moves half a million.  OOOOkay.  Well guess who gets state funding?  And who is also still forced to make service cuts?  And who is increasing fares?  And who is more expensive?

It irks me when people diss MARTA.  No transit system is perfect, but I like the one we have.

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  1. August 2, 2010 9:17 pm

    Had to look it up after seeing it elsewhere. SMH = shaking my head
    Guess we’re not part of the cool kids, with our condescending abbreviations. LOL

    • CCTgirl permalink*
      August 2, 2010 10:43 pm

      Well then, if you’re shaking your head hard, do you give yourself a concussion?


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