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Transit + Beer = Awesome.

July 29, 2010

One day, Metro Man got on the train, apparently DC’s green line, and saw a lone, empty little can of Heineken.  So he decided to write a post based on what beers could be the beer of each Metro line.

The next day, I read his post.  And totally decided to steal the brilliant idea and come up with MARTA’s own signature beers.  Local beers for local transit.  So I give you my list of what beer you should be having when MARTA pubcrawling it.

Red Line: Atlanta Brewing Company’s Red Brick Ale

(alternate choice – Strawberry Colada or Cinnamon Whipahol.  If you don’t know, I’m sorry.  It’s awesome.)

Gold Line: Terrapin’s Golden Ale


(alternate choice: Red Brick Blonde.)

Blue Line: Sweetwater Blue

(alternate choice: anyone have a suggestion?)

Green Line: Sweetwater 420

(*ahem* green packaging, Earth Day, yada yada.  I couldn’t find a local beer with a green name.  Therefore, I suggest we change the name of the green line.  I mean, it was pretty easy changing the “yellow” line.  Get some stickers and we’re all good.  So I would like to throw out the following new names: Brown for Sweetwater’s Georgia Brown or Red Brick Brown Ale; Orange for Terrapin’s Pumpkinfest; Purple for Red Brick Grape Ape; Black for the Red Brick Black Brick; or my personal favorite, Peach for Red Brick Peachtree Pale Ale.  Peachtree + Beer + MARTA = Best fricking idea I’ve ever had.  MARTA marketing can thank me later.)

So remember folks, your best designated driver is MARTA.  Cheaper than a cab and won’t get mad at you when it didn’t get to drink, too.


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